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Will of God 6

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Will of God(A Christian Love Story) Episode Six

Written by: Joy Chidera Albert

Inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Days turned into weeks as joy reminisced over the past events. They had got over the hurdle of the job promotion. It was all a façade. Every word was laced with deceit.

The HR never meant what they said. It was a snare and Daniel could’ve fallen into it, but for the timely intervention of God’s counsel through his wife.

She sighed as she stood at the balcony of the new house. “I remember that day like yesterday when everything came crumbling down and its true nature was revealed.” She gazed into the sky as the memories flooded her again.

“Joy, Joy!” Bellowed Daniel.

Joy ran out of the kitchen, cleaning her hand with the kitchen towel, curious to know why he called her in such a manner.

”Yes, what is it? Is anything the matter?” She asked calmly, sitting beside him. He cupped his face and dug his fingers into his hair.

”Ah!” He exclaimed, making Joy flinch while confused. He went on. “I lost everything, everything.” Looking up, he continued when he saw her puzzled look. ”The document I was asked to sign for the promotion…”

”Okay?” Interrupted Joy, impatiently. Her heart was in her mouth and she could scream at any time.

”Hmm, they… it… was all false. Signing the document meant they could access my bank account and properties.”

”Uh, how? I don’t understand. What have our properties got to do with the promotion? Besides, I thought you said the offer came with an official car and house, so…” Her voice trailed off. She became more confused.

”Eh, yes, I said so, but then I realized there was more to it. In a hidden part of the document, it was stated what they would collect from me if I signed it.”

”So it was not a promotion after all?”

”No, it wasn’t, the MD didn’t assign this.”

”But wait, does it mean you didn’t read through the document before signing? He shook his head, looking down.

Joy smiled ruefully. “So all we have is gone, abi?” He sighed. “At least we have God.

“Is that what you’re supposed to say?” The Holy Spirit retorted.

“What am I supposed to say? Since he didn’t know he ought to read before signing. It is well. And I warned him o.”

She stood up and left angrily, to the amazement of Daniel. He wanted to call her, but he decided not to. He buried his face in his palms pondering on the next line of action to take.

“Ah, this man. Why can’t he just listen? Now see, all our properties are gone. Did I not tell him? I told him.” Joy sat sobbing profusely. “Oh lord, help me, help us. What am I going to do? What should we do?”

”That’s what you should have asked since. There’s no cause for alarm. All the lost shall be restored,” the Holy Spirit whispered.

She stopped sobbing, went to the bathroom and washed her face, then went back to sit in the bedroom.

”Okay.” She looked up, shaking her legs frantically. “Hmm, there is God. But people are wicked. And I warned him o.”

Relax, my child, relax, it’s not over yet.”

”If you say so. Where do we start from then?”

Go now and meet your husband.” He commanded. She listened with rapt attention. “Console/encourage him then pray.”

”Is that all?” She asked in bewilderment.

Yes, that is all. You see, the devil plans to cause a division in your home, but you mustn’t allow it. Yes, what has happened has happened, but you must not leave your gates or duty post because of that. Guard your home and keep your gates.

She nodded. “You are right. I’m sorry for my outburst.”

”I forgive you, my child. Now go and do the same. Remember, love covers a multitude of sins.”

”Okay, sir.” She saluted.

She hurriedly arranged the bed and tidied the scattered bedding. She was nearly done when Daniel stepped in, looking dejected. He sat on the left side of the bed, she joined him.

Taking his palm into hers, she comforted him. “It’s okay. The Lord is in control.” He nodded. “You see, we can’t keep crying over spilled milk. The deed has been done. But we have a God; a God who does great and mighty things.” He nodded again, getting encouraged.

”You know he said, ‘All things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to his purpose,’ so let’s watch him make this one work for our good.”

”Hmm, rhema.” Daniel hyped.

She chuckled. “You see, now you’re smiling. Let’s just pray. I’m sure God will help us.”

”Yeah right, we should. But wait. I’m sorry for not listening to you at first to ask God if it was even his will in the first place. Now see.”

Joy shrugged, placing her hand beside her. “Yeah, and I’m sorry for my reaction earlier.”

”It’s okay, I deserve more.”

”No, no, you don’t I was wrong too.”

He put his hand around her shoulder, pulling her close to himself. They remain in that position for a moment.

Pray!” The Holy Spirit sharply said.

” Oh.”

They knelt and spent the night praying. Waking up the next day, they felt very optimistic.

What next? Is this the end?

Find out in the next episode.

Scroll down to see the previous episode.

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