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Will of God 5

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Will of God(A Christian Love Story) Episode Five

Written by: Joy Chidera Albert

Inspired by the Holy Spirit.

“He will take advantage of it. How am I sure he won’t also take the wrong step?” Joy retorted, struggling with the thought of submission.

How would she do this, after everything they had been through together? She wouldn’t have any of it.

“No, Lord, no. I can’t. It’s not that I can’t submit; it’s just… hmmm.”

Just obey my word/instruction and all will be well.” whispered the Holy Spirit.

She nodded and wiped off her trickling tears bracing herself for the supposed challenge ahead of her.

“Okay, I will go, but…”

No buts, child, just go. All will be well.

She stood up, left the place and searched for Daniel in the room, but couldn’t find him.

“Lord, where is he where could he be?” She asked, slightly worried as beads of sweat trickled down her forehead.

“He’s in the lobby.”


Heading for the lobby, she adjusted her clothes and cleaned her eyes completely of the tears. In the lobby, Daniel is seated with his phone in hand. As Joy walked towards him, he looked at her and then at his phone, expressionless.

Joy went on her knees before him. “I’m sorry for opposing you and standing in your way. Please forgive me. I want you to know I’ll always support your decision.”

He looked at her again surprised and slightly puzzled. “I… I… don’t know what to say. Please stand up.” He helped her up and sat her beside him.

“You’re sorry?” He asked, scratching the back of his head. Joy nodded. Taking her hand, “I’m sorry for raising my voice at you.”

She nodded in tears. “I forgive you.” Hmm, the Lord was right. But, what about the job offer? God, help us.

Clearing his throat, he continued, “So, can we discuss the promotion?”

Calmly, she wiped her tears. “Yes, what about it?”

He smiled as he went on, “Okay, it will be effective in two weeks which means we’ll have to move in a week. There’s an official car and house attached to it, so there will be no need to search for a new house. And other benefits. It’s all in the documents. I can show you if you want.”

“Wow,” she mouthed. Can this be God’s will?

“Just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’s the perfect will of God. Don’t be carried away, child.” The Holy Spirit retorted, startling her.

“Hmm, it is well. The offer seems good.”

“Yes, it is. I’m sure there’s more to come.”

“So you can work effectively? For your mind.” He chuckled. “Okay, this is good, but can we pray about it? You know, to commit it into God’s hands and ask for His favour.”

“But we have his favour already.” He responded, tickling her.

Stop.” She playfully slapped his hands away. “Favour, when?” He laughed when he saw the puzzled look on her face.

“I meant I have you which is God’s favour.”

“You’re not serious. Go joor.” She responded, playfully punching him

“Ouch.” He rubbed his shoulder, feigning pain.

“Can we pray?”

“Okay, wifey.”

“God, we thank you for this great opportunity you’ve brought to us. Accept our thanks in Jesus name.”

“Amen,” he sounded, stealing a glance at her.

“We commit this opportunity into your hands; let your perfect will be done over it. Let your will override every other will. Grant us favour in Jesus name we have prayed.”

“Amen. That was too short.”

“Really? Short but effective.” Joy replied, yawning

“Indeed. Come, let’s go inside. I want to show you something.” Daniel stood stretching his hands towards his wife. She took it and followed him.

“Is it the letter?”

Smirking, he muttered, “No, not the letter, but something more than the letter.”


They both laughed as they went in.

Could this opportunity be God’s will? What is about to happen?

Find out in the next episode.

Scroll down to see the previous episode.

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