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Will of God 4

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Will of God(A Christian Love Story) Episode Four

Written by: Joy Chidera Albert

Joy and Daniel sat closely in the living room where they were both streaming a series on Netflix. They had been married for three months now with no sign of disagreement or conflict. Everything was going on smoothly.

A few months later, Daniel got a job promotion that required him to move to another state.

“But we barely got here; how can we just move Ike that?” Joy queried, confused at how fast things were happening. She collapsed onto the sofa behind her.

“I don’t know —but I didn’t ask for this. It’s a promotion, dear.” Daniel ran his fingers through his hair.

“Hmm, okay. Have you even prayed about this? Do you know what this could do to us?”

“No, I haven’t, but it’s God’s blessing so I don’t need to pray about it. After all, I didn’t lobby for it. It was given to me on a platter of gold.” He responded, sitting beside her.

Joy, refusing to accept any of it, stood up, placed her hands on her waist, and exclaimed loudly, ” What do you mean God’s blessing, ehn? Just because you didn’t lobby for it doesn’t mean it’s from God. All that glitters is not gold. You better go and pray about it, because I won’t move an inch from here unless God approves.” She then sat down, far away from him.

Facing her, he said, ”Ehn, don’t go with me then. Why can’t you just accept this as God’s blessing for us? I’ve been praying for this promotion for about 3 years. Now that it has come, you are telling me it’s not from God. You must be joking! Dear, you must be joking!”

Angry, Daniel storms out of the living room, leaving Joy stunned as she watches him go.

She murmured calmly, “God, please help me. I have never seen him like this before. But what is happening?” She let out a sigh and slightly bowed her head, waiting to hear the Lord’s response.

The Lord whispered, “When was the last time you prayed to me or prayed for him?

“Well, um… I… Hmm, it’s been a while,” she replied, raising her head.

As she reclined on the sofa, she remembered the various times the Lord nudged her to pray, but she ignored, claiming she was too busy. It became clear where the problem was from. She hadn’t been keeping the gates. She got carried away with the sweetness in her marriage forgetting that the only way to maintain it was by continuous indwelling in God’s presence in total obedience. This realization hits her, prompting her to kneel in prayer.

“Ah, God, I have failed you. Please forgive me.” She goes on to pray for hours thereby igniting the fire that had been quenched. After the prayer, she went to the balcony and sat there. A conversation ensued.

“Lord, what do I do from here, because he’s bent on going his own way?”

Go and submit to him. Apologize to him and tell him you would always support him and not stand in his way.” The Lord answered.

“Ah, apologize? But he was the one that… No, Lord, I don’t think I can. Isn’t there something else I can do? I can’t o. I can’t.”

“You’ll have to choose between me and your flesh.”

“But God…”

Will Joy do what the Lord instructed her to do?

Find out in the next episode.

Scroll down to see the previous episode.

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