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My Crush (MC) 1

Crush feeling

My Crush (A Christian Story)

Written by: Joy Chidera Albert.


Hmm, what a day. The career test didn’t even go as planned but it doesn’t matter anyway. We sha did the test even though we’re already in senior class. ‘Haha,’ I laughed as I remembered the test.

It was night time already, and here I was thinking about the test instead of preparing to sleep.

Grrr, grrr, grrr

‘Who could be calling at this time?’ I asked as I picked up my phone from where it was.

Hello, oh, Desola, is that you?

‘Emi ni o(it’s me),’ She said.

‘Woo, I’m about to sleep; talk whatever you want to talk fast o.’

‘Be calming down.’ She said before laughing.

I smiled as well. She does know how to get me each time.

‘Oya sorry. What is it this time?’ I asked.

‘Nothing much. Just wanted to know how you’re faring.’ She said

‘Ehn-ehn, good Samaritan. I’m faring well o. Besides, we saw in school.’ I replied.

‘Oh really? E pele o(Sorry o) Ehn-hen, did you–

‘Did I what?’ I cut in. I knew there was more to this call. ‘Oya talk fast; I wan sleep.’

‘Why did you cut me off nah?’ She said and I sighed impatiently.

‘Sorry.’ I said dryly. ‘So who did you see or notice ma?’ I could see a smile etched on her face at the mention of ‘ma.’

‘I’m not talking again,’ she said, feigning anger.

‘Someone can not play with you?’ I said ‘I’m sorry.’

‘Okay, I’ve heard,’ she said while I tried to stop myself from laughing, ’cause I knew she was never angry.

‘Soro o(speak o)’

I listened in anticipation as she cleared her throat, about to speak.

‘It’s the career test,’ she said.

‘Ehn, what about it?’ I asked with interest.

Or could she have seen–


‘Ehn, Desola, why did you shout my name like that?’ I asked, drawn out of thought land.

‘Cause you were not listening. Okay, what did I say last?’ She asked.

‘You said..you said’ I scrambled for words as I tried to remember what she said last.

Obviously, I wasn’t listening.

‘Em, you said–

I started again before she cut me off.

‘Ma worry, I’ll repeat myself,’ she said and I sighed, relieved she didn’t care.

“In the hall of the test, I noticed there was a new student there.”

I sat down on my bed to listen attentively this time.

‘Okay, is he in our department?’ I asked, not sure if I should care.

‘I don’t think, ’cause I haven’t seen him anywhere near Art class.’ She replied.

‘Oh, then he must be a science student,’ I concluded. ‘So what about him? Any problem?’

‘He’s breathtaking,’

‘What! Hope it’s not what I’m thinking. This girl!’ I thought.

I started laughing. I laughed so much that my sides started to ache with pain while she kept silent, annoyed I was laughing at her.

‘You can’t be serious, Desola.’ I said as I continued laughing.

‘I’m damn serious. Wait until you see him.’ She said with all seriousness.

Oh, she’s serious o. Silly me. Why did I laugh?

‘Is that a–

‘Call it whatever you like but we’ll see in school tomorrow.’ She said with a tone of finality.

‘Okay o, bye-bye ma.’

‘Bye!’ The call ended. Na was o. Like he would sweep me off my feet. Hahahaha

‘Emi,’ point to myself, ‘iron lady.’ I smiled as I placed my phone down beside me.

But come to think of it, I did see a dark-complexioned guy dressed in house clothes at the back. Could it be him? But if it is, why does it matter? We shall see in school tomorrow.

‘What is it about this guy that Desola mentioned?’

(Find out in the next episode.)

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