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My Crush (MC) 2

Crush feeling

My Crush (A Christian Story) Episode Two

Written by: Joy Chidera Albert.

Desola-The Next Day

I couldn’t sleep well all through the night; Joy’s laughter kept playing in my head. Mtcheew! Is it a crime to like someone? Wait, I didn’t even say I liked him; I only complimented him. But ehn, the guy is fine sha. Woo, enough about guys, lemme prepare for school.

I hummed as I got ready for school.

In School


‘Joy, Joy,’ I called as she was about to go upstairs.

‘Oh, Desola’ she approached me with a smile. ‘How are you doing?’

‘I’m fine. I saw that you were about to go upstairs.’

‘Oh yes, I have an assignment to submit.’

‘Which assignment o?

‘Mrs Akintewe’s assignment nah.’

Fear gripped my heart as I remembered I had not done it. I didn’t even remember there was an assignment given yesterday.


‘Did you forget? She gave us the assignment just yesterday,’ she said, a bit shocked at my response.

‘I truly forgot, which is unlike me. I must have been carried away.’

‘Why won’t you forget, ehn?’ she asked while laughing ‘when you were thinking about one boy like that.’

I looked away slightly annoyed by what she said even though it was the truth.

‘You sha want to yab me,’ I replied, feeling foolish at my forgetfulness.

‘No yabs o, it’s just the truth,’ she said and laughed the more. I couldn’t contain it any longer; I had to laugh as well

‘But the guy is fine sha.’ I said amidst laughter.

‘That one concern you. The good news is that you still have about 20 mins to work on the assignment. So get to work.’

‘Yes o’ I said and ran to the class to start work. As I ran, I could hear Joy’s laughter behind me. I could only shake my head and smile. She’s always laughing.

‘Silly girl.’

But she was right anyway, because while I was supposed to work on the assignment, I got distracted by the thoughts of the new student. Ugh!

‘Na wa o. Is it a crime to like someone?’ I thought.

I settled into the nearest seat and started working on the assignment. Then the bell rang some minutes later.


I ran out of the class, submitted my assignment and went to the assembly ground.

In Class-Ss1 Art

‘So who can tell me the meaning of oxymoron?’ the teacher asked.


‘This one everybody is actively participating in class today,’ she remarked and chuckled.

‘Okay, Desola.’

‘Ma,’ I answered, confused about why she called me. I mean, I didn’t even raise my hand up. Why didn’t she call Joy or someone else? Why me?

‘Em, em,’ I said as I scrambled for words while scratching my head. This is not my day.

‘Ma, Oxymorons are two words or phrases used together that have, or seem to have, opposite meanings.’ Joy said coming to my rescue again. ‘

‘How does she know so much?’ I thought and sat down in shame.

‘A round of applause for her,’ the teacher said.

The whole class clapped.

Now let’s move on to today’s topic. The topic for today is…



‘Hah, I’m so hungry.’ I said holding on to my tummy.

‘Desola, Desola,’ I called but she didn’t seem to hear me.

‘Why does she look so moody?’

Oh, now she’s coming. I hope all is well.

‘You called me?’ she asked as she sat down beside me.

‘Yes, I did. What’s up with you?’

‘Nothing. Thanks for the other time.’

‘Don’t mention,’ I said with a wave of hand.

‘You can talk to me,’ I continued, not ready to let it slide. ‘Or is it because of Mrs Amaka?’

‘Yep,’ she said and sighed. ‘I guess I didn’t prepare well before class.’

‘No, you didn’t. But you can still do that today; at least, there’s still time.’

‘Thanks,’ she said again.

‘Ehn-en, enough about Literature class. Tell me about that boy,’ I said as I hit her tummy playfully.

‘Which boy?’ She asked holding back her smile ‘I don’t know who you’re talking about,’ she said feigning ignorance.

‘Ahn-an now, the boy that made you forget to do your assignment.’ I answered not willing to change the subject.

She chuckled.

‘You’re not serious. So now you’re using it against me, right?’ She asked with laughter in her throat.

‘No o, I was only trying to remind you of who I was referring to.’ I said giving a knowing smile.

‘Okay o. He’s the one over there,’ she replied pointing at the table that was 2m apart from ours.

‘Who? I can’t see anyone o,’ I said trying to find who she was pointing at. The students there were uniformed.

‘Ahn-an, see now. Over there. The one in a blue and white T-shirt.’

Blue and white…blue and white T-shirt…

‘Oh, oh, I think I just saw him, though he’s facing the other side.’

‘Well, you’ve sha seen him. So don’t disturb me again,’ she said while holding on to her ear like she was scolding a small child.

Ugh, Desola!

‘Okay o. Though I didn’t get to see his face sha,’ I said in disappointment as i turned to look at Desola.

‘Really? Then walk up to him so you’ll see it,’ She said with no concern.

‘No o, I’m okay. But am I not the one supposed to be telling you that? After all, you were the one who noticed him first,’ I shot back hitting the right spot.

She gave me the stink eye immediately. This time I couldn’t hold back the laughter again. I laughed until I was tired, while she looked on like a child in need. It made me laugh the more.

‘Keep on laughing. I wonder what’s funny,’ she said, a bit pained at my laughter. I stopped laughing on seeing her expression.

‘Sorry ma, I will not do it again,’ I said trying not to laugh.

‘Sorry for yourself!’

‘I said I’m sorry,’ I replied as I hit her playfully.

‘Leave me joor,’ she said pretending to be mad at me but I knew she wasn’t.

‘So let’s change the topic.’

‘Better o.’

‘Were you able to submit the assignment?’

‘What assignment?’ she asked. ‘Oh, Mrs Akintewe’s assignment?’

I nodded.

‘Yes, I submitted although I pretty much rushed through it.’ She said looking downcast.

‘Hmm. Assignments are to test your knowledge; so it doesn’t make any sense submitting what you don’t understand.’ I said calmly.

‘I know, I know. I understand the topic perfectly, but I didn’t have time to carefully go through it.’ She replied.

‘Okay o, because of that boy abi?’ I asked.

‘Heh, what’s all this nah? Did I make a mistake by telling you about him?’ she asked trying to hide her smile.

‘No, you didn’t,’ I said knowing she wasn’t angry.

She rarely gets angry even when I say upsetting things or when I criticize her wrongly. Hopefully, I don’t get to make her angry one of these days.

I let out a short laugh.

‘What’s funny? You’re still laughing at me abi?’

‘No o.’ I said while trying to hold back my laughter.

‘Okay. Oh, it seems he’s coming our way.’

‘Who?’ I asked wondering who she was talking about.

‘The new student now.’

‘Oh, at least I’ll get to see the face of the one that captured my friend’s heart,’ I said smiling mischievously.

‘You’re not serious. Gerrout,’ she said while laughing, ‘Which heart? My heart is where it is o.’

Mr new student walked towards our table.

My world! what did I just see? The same guy at the back? No, this can’t be happening. Now my own heart is in trouble.

‘Joy, Joy, Joy,’ Desola called.

I didn’t seem to hear her until she snapped her finger at me.

‘Yes, what is it?’ I asked trying to get myself.

She gave me a knowing smile.

‘What? What are you thinking?’

‘Nothing o, just that someone got carried away when the new student passed,’ she said smiling mischievously.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

‘You will not know,’ she said and chuckled.’

‘See, the break is over. Let’s go inside,’ I said hurriedly, wanting to leave there immediately.

‘Okay o,’ she said still smiling. But the smile faded as I shot her an evil eye.

That should keep her quiet while I sort things out.

We walked back to the classroom.

‘Ah, wahala ti de o.(Trouble has come)’ I muttered under my breath.

Is there something more to Joy’s statement?

(Find out in the next episode)

In case you missed episode one, here it is My Crush (MC) 1

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