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My Crush (MC) 3

Crush feeling

My Crush (A Christian Story) Episode Three

Written by: Joy Chidera Albert.


Fear gripped my heart as I remembered whom I saw today. What was he doing there and why did he come? Why now? I’m not ready for this. God help me. I can’t take this anymore. I really can’t. And Desola is not even helping matters. If only she knew, she would not have done what she did.

Now where do I go from here? Where? God, can’t you answer me for once? Why are you so deaf to call?

My tears dropped. This was too much to handle and so I let it out. I allowed myself to cry. I’m tired of keeping it up, bottling it up. God, why can’t he just answer? Ehn why? Am I so bad for you to answer me?

I stood there weeping until there was no strength left in me. Then I was carried into a deep sleep.

Where am I? What happened? Am I dead?

No, you’re not. Come, daughter, come.’ A voice answered.

‘Who are you?’ I asked trying to shield my face from the light that shone brightly.

I am your God. Come with me, my child.’ He said and stretched forth his hand.

I had no choice but to take it. I was immediately carried at a great speed to a very tall building. It was so tall that I couldn’t see its end. I wondered what it was.

‘Why am I being brought here? What’s wrong? Where is this place?’ I thought as I was being taken inside the building. Inside the building was magnificent. There were chandeliers everywhere and they were all shining brightly. There was a large hall inside the building and that was where I was being taken to by this person who called himself God. Ugh!

We are here,’ He said immediately we stepped into the hall. It was indeed magnificent.

But what are we doing here and why was I brought here?’ I racked my brain trying to find the most possible reason why I was brought here. Nothing was forthcoming so I gave up trying.

Sit,’ the man who brought me here said.

I obliged.

I have something to tell you.’ He continued.

I listened attentively.

Daughter, why are you running from me?

I was confused for a second.

‘Running away, how? I don’t get. Aren’t you the one who left me?’

No! I never leave. I was always there for you and I am still there. I haven’t left.’ He said, not smiling.

‘Then why did you seem so distant? I couldn’t hear you, feel you or sense you anymore,’ I asked with tears streaming down my face.

Because you stayed away from me,’ He answered sadly. I had always tried to get your attention to call you to order, but you never listened. You decided to go your own way, daughter. Your way and not my way,’ He said pointing to himself.

What is he talking about? When did he call me that I did not answer? How? where? when? And why? This can’t be happening.

‘God, what are you talking about? I don’t get you?’ I asked still sobbing. When did my life become like this—so confusing?

When you stopped attending our fellowship time, you left me. And even when you did, you were absentminded throughout the fellowship. Many times I called you, but you never answered. I spoke, but you never heard and neither did you listen. You set up an idol in your heart that made you deaf to my calls and turned your love away from me. Hmm.’ He stopped speaking.

I covered my mouth immediately with my hand, tears streaming done my face as I remembered the incidents that happened. It’s true. All the late-night texts, calls, chats, and fantasies. Oh no! My mind was always somewhere else when I went for fellowship, and so it didn’t take long before it became a burden that I couldn’t bear any more. Praying became a chore, and Bible study was just to fulfil all righteousness. Ha! How did I get here?

Can you now see how far you have gone?’ He said, His words jerking me out of my thoughts.

He continued, ‘You have only complained, you never prayed. You preach what you don’t practice. How are you any different from the sinners out there that you condemn?’

I immediately went on my knees, sobbing hard this time.

God, have mercy on me, I pleaded—

And yet you sit there saying I am wicked!’

‘I’m sorry, please, forgive me,’ I didn’t know what to do again. Tears fell freely from my face and mucus blocked my nose as well. I was tired; I couldn’t breathe properly. I didn’t know I had gone this far.

‘Oh no! Will I be replaced?’ I thought.

I saw a man enter into the hall. He didn’t look human. He was wearing a robe that reached his feet and a gold band around his chest. On him was written the word, ‘MERCY’

Who is he?

Father,’ I heard him say, ‘Please, let her go. It was for her sake I died. Please forgive her,’ He said with the most gentle yet powerful voice I have ever heard.

Who was he and why was he pleading for my sake? The realization hit me: Oh, he must be Jesus.

I saw God turn to look at him and say, ’For your sake, I forgive her.’

God forgave me? Thank you, God. Thank you, Jesus, I said still kneeling. I had wept sore but was now relieved—I wasn’t replaced.

‘God, what would you have me do?’ I asked still afraid.

Go now, my child. Keep asking and I will make you know when the time comes,’ He said. He then stretched forth his hand, and a great whirlwind carried me back.

I woke up. Three hours had passed since I slept. I started to pray: ‘God, thanks for having me back.

Once again, please forgive me’ and I heard him say, ‘I have already forgiven you, my child. Go and sin no more.’

Now what? Where do I go from here?

Hmm. What idol was God talking about and who was she talking about in the beginning? Did Joy know him from somewhere? Could there be more to this?

(Find out in the next episode.)

In case you missed episode two, here it is my crush 2

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