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My Crush (MC) 4

Crush feeling

My Crush (A Christian Story) Finale

Written by: Joy Chidera Albert.


Where did Joy go to? I haven’t seen her since morning. I hope all is well.

‘But come to think of it, ever since that day when that stuff happened, she hasn’t been herself. I hope she’s okay now. I’m disturbed about her. Who’s that standing over there?’ I wondered. Is that Joy?

‘Joy, Joy!’

‘Yes, I’m coming,’ she responded.

‘How long has she been standing over there?’ I wondered. And I didn’t notice her? Hmm.

She walked towards me.

‘Hey Desola, how are you doing?’ She asked with a smile, while I just looked with shock written all over my face. She sat down beside me, still smiling.

‘Er, I’m fine, but where have you been? I searched around for you but couldn’t find you. Where did you go? Or is it because of that day?’ She let out a sigh.

“Em, not really. Besides, I had some things to attend to. That’s why you couldn’t find me. I’m sorry,” she said, looking somewhat unhappy. I guess she thinks I’m angry, but I’m not.

“It’s okay, I was just worried about you,” I said, patting her back.

‘So where have you been? The moon?’ She laughed. I believe she’s back to her usual self. Thank God.

“You don’t need to know.” She said, calmly.

“En, I need to know o. Where have you been?” I pressed on. She sighed and then spoke.

“I went to see Daniel. I’ll explain! she said when she noticed the confusion on my face.

“Okay, I’m listening,” I said, drawing close to her.

“Hmm. Daniel was my childhood crush. Hold on, let me finish speaking before you ask me any questions. Yes, the guy you introduced me to.”

“Okay?” I asked, listening with rapt attention.

“Yeah, turns out I knew him before you did.” She continued, a bit unhappy I had interrupted her.

“But what does this have to do with anything,” I interrupted again.

“Oh Desola, can you please stop interrupting me?”

“I’m sorry. Please continue.” Silly me. She continued again but not without giving me the stink eye.

I chuckled.

“We grew up in the same place, and the crush feeling grew up as well,’ she said and chuckled. ‘I thought it would eventually leave once I became a teenager, but it never did. It only became worse, and I didn’t know how to handle it. Hmm. Desola, this thing became an idol in my heart.'”

I quickly covered my mouth with my hand to stop myself from exclaiming. I dared not interrupt.

“And so when I saw him again, it only brought back old memories. You can ask your question now.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. Finally!

“Okay, this is still a bit confusing. What do you mean by an idol in your heart?” I asked.

“God encountered me yesterday.”


“Yes. Daniel took the place of God in my heart. That’s what I meant. Let me explain further. I would rather think of him, chat, call, and fantasize about him than study or pray.”

My eyes widened in shock.

“Yep, it was that bad. You see, an idol is anything that takes the place of God in your heart, and it could be anything. It could even be food. Basically, anything you love more than God.”

“I now understand, Joy, and I’m glad it has been dealt with – I mean, the idol,” I said, and she nodded.

“But why did you go to see him, and when?” I asked interested in knowing the full story.

“I went to see him yesterday after God had dealt with me. Now, why did I see him? To define the relationship.”

“Define, how?” I interrupted again.

“What’s with all the late-night calls and texts if there was nothing? He was being suggestive, and I made the mistake of assuming. So I wanted to know what this ‘ship,’

She said, air-quoting.

“was all about. Let me really understand what’s going on, ‘cause I’m not ready to waste my emotions again.”

“So what did he say then?” I asked.

“Turns out he does this with every girl he knows.”

“What? He leads them on?” I asked, stunned by this.

“Yep. So I told him that if he still wanted us to be friends, he would have to stop the late-night calls and texts. He can’t just be playing with my emotions or any other girl’s emotions like that.” She paused then continued. ‘Guess what he did?’ she asked while I looked on eager to hear it all. ‘He stopped talking to me.’

I chuckled. Seriously, is that how they do?

“I guess he got the message.” I shrugged.

“He sure did, Desola.” She responded, smiling sweetly.

Hmm, and I already have a crush on the new boy.

“Desola,” she called jerking me out of my thoughts. ‘Do you still like the new boy?’ She asked staring at me, obviously expecting an answer. But I had no answer to give.

“Well… I….hmm.” I couldn’t find the words to say. She was right after all.

“It’s not bad to like him or have a crush on him, but you have to be very careful so you won’t get crushed by your crush. Be sober-minded. Don’t allow your feelings to blind you, okay?

“Yes, ma,” I saluted, and she smiled. She’s right. I better focus on my studies. I mean, look at how I forgot to do my assignment because of him. Nah, it’s a big risk, and I’m not willing to take it.

I smiled.

“So, cheers to going through life without getting crushed by our crush,” she said, and we burst out laughing.


The End!

Hope you enjoyed the story. Comment down below what you got from this story.

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