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Latest WordUp Review 2023 – Is it worth the hype?

What is Wordup?

WordUp is an AI-based English language learning app for all speakers. If you’re interested in learning the English language, or you’re a native speaker who just wants to improve your vocabulary, then WordUp is for you. Unlike other language learning platforms, WordUp makes learning pleasurable.

So while it’s helping you learn and become a better speaker, it also makes the process enjoyable for you, so learning the language doesn’t feel like a chore. A good thing to bear in mind about it, or to note, is that it is the world’s first AI-based English learning app.

WordUp's onboarding screen
WordUp’s onboarding screen

Brief History of WordUp

WordUp was founded by a couple, Paymon Khamooshi and Somayeh Aghnia, currently based in Sutton, United Kingdom. It was first launched in 2019, and since then, it has been installed by over 6 million people. To learn more about its history, click here

Image of WordUp's founder
WordUp’s founder

Who is WordUp for?

Anyone! Anyone with a will to learn can use WordUp. Whether you’re a student, teacher, native speaker, or an ESL speaker, you can still benefit from its amazing capability.

WordUp’s General Features

Here are some features that you’ll find in WordUp. This makes them stand out amongst others.

Knowledge Map

WordUp’s Knowledge map includes the most important words in the English language. These words vary from person to person and they are selected and ranked based on your preferences, goals, field and personality. It also consists of idioms and phrases in English. With Knowledge map, you can track your English skills and plan how to improve. This feature also helps assess your English language skills, identify words you already know and the ones you need to learn, and plan your learning journey.

WordUp's Knowledge map
Knowledge map
Knowledge map

Personalized learning

WordUp offers a tailored learning experience to every user. When you sign up, you tell it about your profession, interests, and goals. It then uses AI to discover the exact English words you need to learn, so you don’t waste time learning random words. Words are sorted according to their importance in your life and how likely you are to hear or use them.

The cool thing about this feature is that you only get to learn the most important words—words that truly matter.

Personalized learning

AI Chat

The AI chat feature of WordUp allows you to practice your English conversation skills with an English chatbot. Practice your vocabulary and writing with Lexi, your personal AI teacher. You can also have a normal conversation with her. During every chat, Lexi checks your writing and offers feedback on spelling, usage, and context.

Even better, with WordUp’s ‘Fantasy Chat’, you can engage in dialogues with the AI version of your favourite celebrities.

WordUp's Ai Chat
AI Chat
WordUp's fantasy chat with William Shakespeare
Fantasy chat with William Shakespeare

Smart Repetition

WordUp uses smart repetition to help you memorize new words effectively.

The words you previously chose as ‘should learn’ when going through the Knowledge Map are brought up multiple times later for you to review, until you have mastered them or until you become comfortable and familiar with those new words.

Image showing WordUp's smart repetition system
Review words

Progress Tracker

This amazing feature tracks your progress daily, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. Through this tracker, you can monitor your learning progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and also receive monthly reports. You get to see other users from around the world and their progress, and you can even follow them if you want to. Every 2-3 minutes you use the app, your progress data is stored on your phone before being saved to the cloud.

Image showing WordUp's progress tracker
Progress Tracker
Image showing a particular user's progress on WordUp
Another user’s progress

Real-time Translation

During the onboarding session when you’re signing up, you’ll be asked for the language(s) you speak. When that is done, any word and its definition you’re learning can be translated in real-time for you into your chosen language as desired. Of course, you can always toggle this feature on or off from the settings menu.

Learn Words in Context

For each word you learn in WordUp, you get a definition, sentence examples, information on where to use it, synonyms, a celebrity quote using that word, YouTube video clips containing the word being spoken, and news articles where the particular word is used. This way, you learn how the word is used in different life situations.

Word 'resilient' in context
Word ‘Resilient’ in context
Word ‘Resilient’ in context

Word ‘Resilient’ in context
Word ‘Resilient’ in context

WordUp’s PRO Version

WordUp is excellent, but most features can only be enjoyed, accessed, or used in the PRO version. Features like word photos & videos, unlimited AI chat, idioms & phrases, personalized examples, IELTS & TOEFL Prep, no ads, and the ability to practice offline, among others. Honestly, to get the most out of WordUp, you need to upgrade to the PRO version.

A cool thing about WordUp’s PRO version is the ability to add new words you find while researching or surfing the net to your vocabulary list for review later through their Chrome extension. To upgrade, you only have to pay $49 per year. It’s quite affordable for a year.

To learn more about WordUp’s PRO version, click here

Image showing WordUp's PRO version festures
WordUp’s PRO version


Based on my review, the only downside about WordUp is that It’s not consistently responsive and can be somewhat buggy at times.

Where can I get WordUp?

WordUp is available on the Google Play Store, App Store, Microsoft Store, and App Gallery. They also have a Chrome extension.

WordUp Vs. Other Language Learning Apps

There are many things I’ve seen in WordUp that I haven’t seen in any of the language learning apps I’ve tried. In comparison with other language learning apps, the incorporation of AI makes it stand out the most amongst others.


This is my WordUp language learning app review, outlining its features and benefits. WordUp is an AI-based English language learning app for all speakers, offering personalized learning, a knowledge map, AI fantasy chat, smart repetition, progress tracking, real-time translation, and learning words in context. The Pro version offers additional features for an affordable price, but the app can be buggy at times. WordUp is available on multiple platforms and stands out from other language-learning apps due to its AI incorporation.

Try WordUp today.

What do you think about WordUp? Tell me in the comment section below.

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