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Will of God 1

Will of God(A Christian Love Story)

Written by: Joy Chidera Albert

“I want to spend some time alone with God at the park,” I announced, not wanting to look at my parent’s faces. They had always prevented me from going out alone since I was a child, except going to school or Uni. Well, that was about to end, hopefully.

“Why, isn’t the house enough for you?” Dad queried, jolting me out of my thoughts.

“It’s not that. I just need a little space; somewhere different from this environment.”

They both sighed. I mean, what’s the big deal there? I’m 21 years already; I can fend for myself.

“Daddy please, I promise I’ll be back before 5 pm,” I said hoping they would allow me.

I guess I had won. Mum spoke up first.

“Ok. If she needs some time with God, let her have it. You know, we can’t keep stopping her and besides, she would soon be out of here,” she said, facing my dad.

Wondering what she meant by, ‘she would soon be out here’? It’s marriage. For whatever reason best known to her, she has been talking about this marriage of a thing. Ugh! But I’m kind of hoping I’ll meet the one today. Fingers crossed.


“Sir.” This time, I looked at both of them. He seemed reluctant as he was about to go on. I hope he allows me.

“You can go, but be careful,” he reluctantly said. I giggled. I can’t believe this is happening. I better run out before they change their mind. Haha!

“Okay, thanks Dad, thanks, Mum. I promise I’ll be back before 5 p.m.,” I bolted.

“Phew! That was close. Now where do I go?” I thought, searching for the nearest park.

“Sir, do you know any park around here?” I asked the motorist nearby.

“Yes, madam. There’s one along the road,” He responded, pointing towards the nearby road.

I thanked him and moved on. I got to the park within 5 minutes. It was indeed close by. Thankfully, it was open, so I went in and sat on the green grass in the open space. I unpacked my backpack and started to study my Bible.

“Are you sure this road leads to Lucy Brown Estate?”

“Yes, Oga. Na me dey tell you. I don live for this Lagos for 30 something years now. (Believe me. I have lived in Lagos for about 30 years.)

“Okay.’’ I sighed.

I hope I didn’t make a mistake coming to this state, but it was God who instructed me to go to a state that I have never been to—Lagos. Daniel, hope you’re not making a mistake, maybe you should turn back.

“No!” I flinched, startling the cab man. What kind of a thought is this?

“Oga, is everything okay? Abi you no dey go again? (Aren’t you going anymore?)

“I dey go fa,” I replied. He laughed.

“Oga, na Abuja you dey come from?” (Oga, is it Abuja you’re coming from?)

“Em, yes. I live there but I’m not from there.”

“Ehen, so where you come from?” (so where do you come from then?)

“Benue state,” I answered coldly, uninterested in having this conversation.

“Sir, are we close?” I asked, in a bid to change the topic.

“Yes, we don almost reach.” (We are almost there.)

Hmm, I hope my host is ready to receive me. Let me call her. I dialled Mrs Fragene’s number and informed her of my location. It seems she has been waiting for me. After the call, I reclined back on my seat, tapping my foot. After about 20 minutes into this never-ending journey, my eyes were drawn to a particular lady sitting at a park beside the main road.

“What could she be doing there at this time?” I thought, looking at my wristwatch.

Who knows, she might know the way to Lucy Brown Estate.

“Driver, let’s ask that lady over there. It’s getting late.” I suggested.

“Ahn-an, oga, you no believe me? Okay, I don park. Go ask am yourself!” He fumed, but I cared more about reaching my destination than his anger.

I got down from the car grateful that I hadn’t paid him his money yet. Who knows, he could even rob me. I looked in the direction my eyes were drawn to a moment ago. Oh, she’s praying. She’s probably a Christian. I stood by the cab for about 10 minutes until it looked like she was done. Then I walked up to her.

“Thank you, Lord, for today. It was awesome spending time with you, Lord.” I happily said while gathering my things.

I still can’t believe 3 hours had gone by so fast. I had noticed a guy staring at me when I had just finished. Oh, now he’s walking towards me. I hurriedly zipped my backpack as I noticed the stranger approaching.

“I hope all is well,” I muttered.

He got so close that he was now standing a few centimetres behind me. God, save your daughter o.


I turned to look at where that came from. It was the stranger. Ugh! There was no denying that he was handsome. His hands were stretched out towards me.

“Hi, how may I help you?” I looked him in the face, ignoring the handshake. Thankfully, he got the message and took it back. Don’t judge me; I don’t shake hands with strangers.

“Well, my name is Daniel. I live in Abuja but I’m from Benue State. This happens to be my first time in Lagos, and I’m headed to Lucy Brown Estate. I just want to know if it’s very close to this place. My cabman is over there.” He narrated, pointing towards the cab I saw him leaning on before.

“Uh, okay. It’s actually five minutes from here on foot. Coincidentally, I live there with my parents.”

“Oh, that’s great. Please can you take me there? I’ve been in the cab for long and I’m already tired of sitting. I don’t mind stretching my legs.’’ He pleaded.

Normally, I would have objected but since I was obviously done and headed back home, I obliged.

“Thank you so much. Let me go get my bags from the cab and pay him off.”

I nodded.

He got the luggage and paid the cab man off. We then walked towards the Estate. I was silent all through as I noticed an unusual shyness within me. Hmm, something’s brewing inside of me.

“Here we are!’’ I announced the moment we stepped into the Estate.

He was wowed by the beauty of the Estate. I chuckled. He gave me the address of his host’s house, so I took him there. It was pretty close to the gate and very easy to locate.

The woman, whom I learnt to be Mrs Fragene, thanked me profusely. As I was about to leave, Daniel motioned to me to wait. So I did.

“Thank you so much for today.” He said when we stepped outside the gate. I noticed he had a good set of teeth.

“The pleasure is all mine. Sir, I need to go now. My parents would be waiting for me.’’

“Okay. Please can I have your number?” He asked leaving me stunned by his request.

“To know if you’ve reached home’’ he explained when he noticed my hesitation.

“Okay. 09…” I called out while he wrote it down, grinning.

“What should I save it as? I mean, what’s your name?”


I heard him say something that sounded like: ‘Daniel’s joy.’ I wondered what he meant by that.

“Okay, saved. Can I escort you there?”

“Ah, no, there won’t be a need for that. You don’t know your way around here yet.’’

I waved him goodbye and left for my house. My parents were slightly worried about me so I narrated everything that happened minus the phone number part sha.

10:00 pm

I opened up my diary and took out my pen.

Dear diary, I think I’ve found the one.

What do you think Joy means by her last statement? Is Daniel who he seems to be?

Find out in the next episode.

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